Butterfly Impressions

A Valentine’s Day Primary Singing Time Activity

on February 9, 2014

For Valentine’s Day, it’s important for us to think about the people and things we love and appreciate, and who love and appreciate us!  To help the children in Primary think about the things that really matter, I wanted to do a special Singing Time activity for Valentine’s Day.

I began by creating, printing out, and coloring the pictures below.  The pictures illustrate love for Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Family, Others, the Scriptures, and the Temple.
Page 1
Page 2
When the pictures were colored and cut out, I chose a song that expressed love for (or from) the person or thing in the picture.  I was even able to include the songs we’ve learned so far for this year’s Primary Sacrament Program!
For using the pictures/songs in Primary, I placed the hearts around the room so the children had to search for the love.  We talked about each picture before singing the related song.  It was a really enjoyable activity for the Primary children, and helped them to think about not only things they love, but being thankful for those things as well 🙂
*Please feel free to print them for personal teaching purposes at home and church.

*Pictures taken from the LDS Nursery Manual Behold Your Little Ones.

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