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FHE: The Holy Ghost

on June 9, 2014
Gospel Art Book #69 – Lehi’s Dream

The Holy Ghost in Lehi’s Dream
Object Lesson:
“The Holy Ghost Can Enlighten and Guide Us”

For this object lesson, you will need:

  • a paper bag
  • a flashlight

Because the Holy Ghost is a spirit, He can dwell inside of us.
 Demonstrate that the flashlight (the
Holy Ghost) can fill the paper bag (our souls) with light and warmth.  Explain that sometimes it is possible to see
the light through the bag. This is like the Holy Ghost brightening our souls – enlightening our hearts and minds.

What is the Holy Ghost’s divine role?

How does the Holy Ghost help us?
“The Still Small Voice”
For this activity, you will need:
  • chairs, pillows, or other objects to use as obstacles
  • a blindfold
Use chairs or other objects to construct a maze. Explain that the Holy Ghost will carefully lead us through difficult situations if we ask Heavenly Father for the direction and inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Blindfold one person. Have someone else vocally lead him/her through the maze. Discuss distractions that make it difficult to hear the still small voice. Demonstrate how difficult it is to hear and follow the still, small voice under such circumstances.
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