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FHE Activity: His Hands

on January 5, 2015

This month in the Friend magazine, the main focus is how we can be the Savior’s hands.  As I was thinking about this theme, and the Family Home Evening we had last week, I got an idea for an activity we could do this week that I want to share with you!


First of all, last week we read the story told by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf entitled, “You Are the Savior’s Hands“.  We talked about things that we can do to be the Savior’s Hands.


Then, I took out a glove to use for an object lesson.

I held up my bare hand, and explained that before we came to earth, our spirits chose to follow Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  We “programmed” our spirits when we made that choice.

I showed how the glove, with no hand in it, doesn’t move.  It’s like a “machine”, that hasn’t been turned on.  The glove represents our body.

I put the glove on, showing how our body moves when our spirit is inside it.  Our spirit enables our body to move – like turning on the machine.

Our body will react when something is bothering it, or if it gets hurt.  This happens because of how our “machine” is built – with a nervous system.

The challenge in this life, is to program our bodies to act in accordance with the programming of our spirits.  When we are successful in doing so, our machine will run better and more smoothly.  Our body and spirit will act together, and not be acted upon. (2 Nephi 2:26)


Now for my activity idea for this week!  I made a chart with two lists – the first of “Things Christ’s Hands Do”, and the second of “Things Christ’s Hands Don’t Do”.  On the chart I also included examples from Christ’s life.

Things Christ’s Hands DO
Examples from Christ’s Life
Things Christ’s Hands DON’T DO

Each example has a link that will lead you to a picture of it.  And, below are four pages with each of the actions.  You can print and cut them out, then let your children tell which are good things for our hands to do and bad things for our hands to do.  The pictures for each example can be used as visuals to show how Christ uses his hands to do good things.  Remind your children that we can be like Jesus.  You can even sing, “I’m Trying to be like Jesus“!


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