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Gratitude and Thanksgiving

on November 9, 2015

We’re starting a new Thanksgiving tradition this year!  Below are images you can print out to do this activity with your family:

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey Feathers


There are several ways you can prepare the images above.  I would suggest printing out the turkey on cardstock, coloring it, cutting it out, and covering it with contact paper to help it last longer.  Then, you could do the same with the feathers to reuse each year, or print out the feathers on plain paper.  If you print the feathers on plain printer paper, they can be written on.  I chose to print out the feathers on plain paper this year.


Gather as a family to talk about this activity.  The challenge is to watch for things that someone else in your family does that you are grateful for. When you notice something, tell that person “thank you” by giving them a feather to put on the turkey.  If you printed the feathers on plain printer paper, write what you are grateful for on the feather before giving it to the person.  You can also color the feathers, if desired.


You can gather as a family each day to talk about the things you have noticed.  This is a great activity to help make Thanksgiving more meaningful.  We’re really excited to do this as a family this year!  If you try it out with your family, please share your experience with us in the comments! 🙂

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