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Secret Agent Party

on February 12, 2016

We just had a Secret Agent Birthday Party this past weekend.  All of the kids had lots of fun!  The party was for my 6-turning-7-year-old, but I’d bet older kids would enjoy it, too!


Items Needed for Set-up:

  • Suspect Pictures, Coded Clues, Code
  • Fingerprint Scan App
  • Badge/ID Printout, Pen, Scissors, Glue Stick, Coloring Supplies
  • Training Cards (optional)
  • Red Yarn, Tape
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Mattress/Tumble Mat
  • Muffins (with add-ins)


Games & Activities:

  • Fingerprint Scan
  • Secret Agent IDs
  • Lazer Maze
  • Custom Disguises
  • Sneaking Practice
  • Mystery Muffins



This was a big part of the set-up.  I needed to choose suspect pictures that the Secret Agents would need to narrow down to discover “Who Stole [the Birthday boy’s] Birthday?”  Below are the frames I used for the pictures, as well as the suspects I chose:

Polaroid Frames

Suspect Photos 1

Suspect Photos 2

(You can find more suspect pictures avaliable for free download from Allison Kimball at the following links: Boys 1Girls 1, and Boys & Girls 2)

After my son colored the pictures, I had to decide on four clues (the number of Secret Agent training activities) that would help to narrow down the suspects.  I encoded each clue on an index card, then put each one in a numbered envelope with a copy of the code.  The code I chose to use is below:

Secret Agent Code

To set up the suspect pictures, I cut them out and taped them to our white board.  The envelopes containing the clues were taped around the house near where each corresponding activity would take place (the first clue by the first activity, the second clue by the second activity, etc.).

Then, it was time to set up all of the other games and activities.  Keep reading to find out what we did!


Fingerprint Scan

I found an Android App (Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank) to use for the Secret Agent trainees to scan their fingers as they arrived.  It was a simple idea, but fun. 🙂


Secret Agent IDs

I made this printout for the kids to all make their own Secret Agent IDs.

Secret Agent Activity

They got to choose their own Code Name (if they didn’t have any ideas for a nick name, I suggested they choose a favorite color and favorite animal combo).  And, I used the guidelines below to determine their 8-digit ID Number:

2 digits – birth month

2 digits – birth date

2 digits – first initial (see below)

2 digits – last initial (see below)

A – 01   B – 02   C – 03   D – 04   E – 05   F – 06   G – 07   H – 08   I – 09   J – 10

K – 11   L – 12   M – 13   N – 14   O – 15   P – 16   Q – 17   R – 18   S – 19   T – 20

U – 21   V – 22   W – 23   X – 24   Y – 25   Z – 26



(For these, you can make training cards for each trainee to sign off when each test is completed, if you want to.)


Lazer Maze (Agility Test)

We strung red yarn in the hallway and secured it to the wall with tape – zig-zagging it back and forth at various heights to simulate the kind of lazer alarm system seen in spy movies.  The trainees were to make it through the hallway without touching the lazers.  The first clue was at the end of the hallway.


Custom Disguises (Deception Test)

We let the kids make disguises with pipe cleaners.  They made glasses, mustaches, and even beards!  We also had an assortment of hats for them to choose from.  After they were amply disguised, they decoded the second clue.


Sneaking Practice (Chameleon Test)

To test sneaking abilities, we put out a mattress topper for the kids to practice their Secret Agent tumbles and rolls.  They snuck around the house and had lots of fun with the mattress!  Then, the third clue was decoded.


Mystery Muffins (Detection Test)

For our party treat, I made muffins with raisins, chocolate chips, and almonds added in.  I told the kids how many add-ins there were, and they had to detect them using their attention to detail.  Once they detected all of the add-ins, they received the final clue and discovered “Who Stole [the Birthday boy’s] Birthday?”


As always, feel free to use these resources and share them with your friends!  I hope this post gave you lots of great ideas.  Here are some other resources I found that you might be interested in:

“Spy Party Games, Printables, and Memories” from Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood

“Spy School Kids Activities” from Coffee Cups and Crayons

“A DIY Secret Spy Kit” from Better Than Eden

“Silly Disguise Kit Free Download” from The Project Girl


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  1. Audrey says:

    I could use some ideas for Primary 2, lesson 30


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