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Simple Ideas for Primary 2: Lesson 13 and Primary 3: Lesson 12

on March 23, 2016

Review & Discussion: Lehi’s Dream ~ Baptism & The Holy Ghost

“Wherefore, do the things which I have told you I have seen that your Lord and your Redeemer should do; for, for this cause have they been shown unto me, that ye might know the gate by which ye should enter. For the gate by which ye should enter is repentance and baptism by water; and then cometh a remission of your sins by fire and by the Holy Ghost. And then are ye in this strait and narrow path which leads to eternal life; yea, ye have entered in by the gate; ye have done according to the commandments of the Father and the Son; and ye have received the Holy Ghost, which witnesses of the Father and the Son, unto the fulfilling of the promise which he hath made, that if ye entered in by the way ye should receive.”

Scripture Review: The First and Fourth Articles of Faith

“We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.”

“We believe that the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel are: first, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; second, Repentance; third, Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins; fourth, Laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost.”

Song: “Listen, Listen” CS 107

Discussion Activity: How the Holy Ghost Helps Us

How the Holy Ghost Helps Us

Click above for the printable PDF file 🙂

  • Let reverent children choose one card at a time to discuss.


Coloring Activity: How the Holy Ghost Helps Us

  • Print the activity above for the children in your class.  They can color the pictures and cut out the cards, if you have enough time at the end of class.  Then, they can take them home and share them with their family!


Additional Resource: Butterfly Impressions Post, “FHE: The Holy Ghost”


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