Butterfly Impressions

Primary 2: Lesson 32

on July 29, 2016

Love One Another

This activity for Lesson 32 will serve as a review of Scripture Stories from Lessons 21, 23-25, 27-28, and 30.

  • Use copies of the pictures below, backed with construction paper or card stock (you may want to use page protectors for this). Display the backs, so the children cannot see the pictures.
  • Have reverent children take turns choosing a picture, turning it around, and telling the story.
  • Ask: How does this story demonstrate how we should Love One Another?



From Lesson 21 – Jesus Blesses the Nephite Children



From Lesson 23 – The Good Shepherd



From Lessons 24 and 25 – Jesus Cleanses the Ten Lepers



From Lesson 27 – Jesus Feeds the 5,000+


rane/good/sam, 1/5/04, 3:46 PM, 8C, 7438x9837 (602+1011), 150%, paintings, 1/12 s, R81.4, G70.4, B84.8

From Lesson 28 – The Parable of the Good Samaritan



From Lesson 30 – Jesus in Gethsemane


Coloring Activity: Love One Another

From: LDS Lane

From: LDS Lane



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