Butterfly Impressions

Simple Ideas for Primary 2: Lesson 45 and Primary 3: Lesson 46

Discussion: From Caterpillar to Butterfly

  • The miracles of nature can help us understand the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Discussion: The Apostasy

  • What happened to the church after Jesus died?


Poem: (From LDS.org)

For a long time the world was in darkness;
The hearts of men were sleeping.
There was no spiritual light upon the earth.
Then at last the heavens were opened,
And the light of the gospel awakened the world.
This was a glorious testimony of the Resurrection.
A wonderful thing happened one spring
When Joseph saw the Father and the Son.
The world was awakened, and the priesthood was returned to earth,
Restoring the gospel in its fullness.


Discussion: The Resurrection of the Gospel

  • The Restoration was like the Resurrection of the Gospel.


Coloring Activity: “He Sent His Son” Easter Booklet

  • Print the two pages of the PDF below on one sheet of paper, front and back, the same direction.

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