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Heavenly Father’s Plan: Game Board

This year in Primary, the theme is “Families Are Forever”.  As I’ve been teaching songs to the children in Primary, I noticed how many of the songs and monthly topics this year focus on Heavenly Father’s Plan.  So, I decided that I wanted to find a basic game board of the Plan online.  I searched, but couldn’t find one that had the qualities I was looking for.

So, I made my own!  I wanted it to be simple enough for the Primary children to understand – including points that are personally applicable.  The parts of the Plan included on the game board are:

  • Pre-Mortal Life
  • The Creation
  • The Fall
  • The Atonement
  • Baptismal Covenants
  • Temple Covenants
  • Eternal Families
  • The Spirit World
  • Resurrection
  • Heaven
The path of the game board starts at the top of the page, working its way down, until it separates the pictures (like a veil) of events happening between our pre-mortal and mortal lives.  Then, the path works its way up again, separating the events happening between our mortal and post-mortal lives.
The four parts of the board are meant to be arranged in a straight line – one beside the next.  The way the pictures are colored can add a lot to the meaning and understanding of the Plan itself.
I’ve included the files below for free download.  I used the game in Primary on Sunday for Singing Time, and the children enjoyed it so much that they asked to play it again next week!  Because the spaces on the board are blank, it’s pretty versatile and open for creative applications 🙂
I encourage you to use these for personal teaching purposes at home and church.  Please share them with your friends, family, and investigators as inspired to do so!
Game Board – Part 1
Game Board – Part 2
Game Board – Part 3
Game Board – Part 4
*Pictures taken from the LDS Nursery Manual Behold Your Little Ones and The Friend magazine.

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