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Small and Simple Books: I Can Be Reverent

Small and Simple Books

I Can Be Reverent


This four-page book should be printed front to back.  Page 2 should be printed on the back of page 1, and page 4 should be printed on the back of page 3.  Basic directions are on the pages themselves.

Make sure that when you cut the pages, only cut along the longer dotted lines, not the shorter dotted line between two book pages.  When done correctly, the pages should all line up numerically.  Then, you can staple the pages together into book form.

Book pages will measure 4.25″ x 4.25″ square.  Including the cover, flipping through the finished book should count 8 pages – front and back.  I would suggest printing the four print pages front to back on cardstock.


Click above for the printable PDF file 🙂


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