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5-20-17 ~ Hello everyone!  I have some great news for you!  The focus of Butterfly Impressions is going to be changing, as manifested through the new, updated home page.  Whereas Butterfly Impressions has been a place for me to share a lot of free creative resources, it will soon be a location primarily for materials to support individual spiritual progression.  Fittingly, the timing for this change reflects ways in which I have been learning and growing myself.

My creative resources will still be available for viewing and download, but I’m planning on transferring them to a different site.  When everything is ready, I’ll announce it here in the News section of Butterfly Impressions.  And, I’ll include an access link on this site as well.  Although this site will still be considered Butterfly Impressions, it’s new title and focus will be Arise and Shine, as explained on the new home page.

I’ve been working on getting this ready for a while, and it’s not ready yet.  But, I wanted to give my regulars an explanation as to why my “Simple Ideas for Primary” posts are taking a backseat and will not be as regular anymore.

I really appreciate your support of all I have shared here.  But, I know that this change will make Butterfly Impressions more helpful and meaningful than it has ever been!

Lots of Love!


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